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Some GOOD NEWS on the Sail project, gents. Today we learned that the California State Water Board approved Lennar Mare Island's plan for soil remediation in front of the Museum. This is the last significant hurdle to starting construction. Lennar has bids for the work, but they will have to be re-validated because the approval took so long. Bottom line is we expect the soil remediation work to start in spring or early summer, and when complete, the road is clear for us to start grading and building our foundation for the sail. Finally, a milestone and cause for a celebratory adult beverage!


Mr. Tosso update......

Multiple Myeloma Update! It does not seem like it has been over eight months since my initial diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. Thank all of you for your prayers and messages, emails, cards and calls with encouraging words. Thank all of you for your prayers and for the financial donations to Go Fund Me. I was diagnosed initially in April during pre op testing prior to gall bladder removal. The gall bladder was removed, however during the pre-op testing, a protein associated with MM was detected and noted by my primary care physician. I knew nothing about MM. I thought it was an early detection at the time and needless to say I was very optimistic about remission and cure. In June, extensive testing verified that I had MM, and multiple bone lesions caused by the cancer in my marrow. I thought I had a pulled muscle in my chest on the right side. MRI revealed that it was a broken rib, ruptured by the cancer inside. My local oncologist placed me at a stage 2 to 3. I was subsequently accepted to receive treatment at the University of Arkansas Myeloma Research Hospital in Little Rock. Extensive testing revealed that my MM was actually at a stage 4 and I was in grave danger. Needless to say I was shaken mentally when I received this diagnosis, but my faith was never shaken. I believed then as I do now that I will be 100% cured – cancer free either on this side of eternity or when I step into eternity. The local oncologist and the team of doctors in Arkansas have been responsive, thorough, and aggressive in treatment. They are honest and place all options on the table before recommending a treatment option. I am blessed having this team of doctors. I received my first heavy dose of chemo in Arkansas at the research hospital. Four days of 24 hour chemo infusion and chemo pills. The chemo did not make me sick or cause any pain. The hospital anticipates the side effects of the chemo and gives the medications necessary to minimize the side effects as the chemo is being given. The first chemo session eliminated 70 % of the myeloma cells and tumors in my bone marrow. The second chemo session a few weeks later lowered the myeloma levels even more. Another blessing to say the least. The greatest difficulties I have had has been after chemo – immune system nearly wiped out. After the first two chemo sessions in July and late August respectively, I contracted pneumonia, E. Coli, cellulitis in my right leg, blood clot in my right leg, and a nasty C.diff infection. These were very serious, however the hospital in Arkansas treats eleven thousand patients like me each year and they are prepared to aggressively treat these kind of infections. Another blessing! In November I was scheduled for testing prior to a massive short term chemo infusion (the nuclear option), followed by stem cell bone marrow transplant using stem cells that were harvested from me. Testing reveled that there was residual infection in my lungs and my sinus. The stem cell transplant is on hold until mid-January. If the infections are completely cleared then the process will continue. If not, there will be another delay. I am currently on a maintenance chemo cycle to keep the myeloma in check. Will know more after the January tests. I feel great, and look very healthy and truly believe that bald is indeed beautiful! Leading worship every Sunday as always. Another blessing! So with respect to your prayers and mine, God has given many “Yes” answers to prayers for healing. Now is the most difficult answer to deal with and that is “Wait!” or “Not Yet.” The aggressive side of me wants to get on with it now; however, another side respects this delay as an answer from God. I cannot help but think about Moses. Egyptians behind him and the Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba) ahead of him, and the people complaining all around him. Take a moment to read Exodus 14: 12-14. So I have spent the last 7 weeks here in Louisiana, learning how to be still before the Lord and truly letting the Lord fight this battle. If you read these verses I think you will understand. These verses I hope will help you as they have helped me to be still and know that God is God. He will deliver you and me from whatever threatens to harm. Again thank you for your prayers, emotional and spiritual support. Whenever you pray for the sick, regardless of what the condition is, ask God to heal in the name of Jesus! Be bold! Always ask for the whole enchilada.


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