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Some GOOD NEWS on the Sail project, gents. Today we learned that the California State Water Board approved Lennar Mare Island's plan for soil remediation in front of the Museum. This is the last significant hurdle to starting construction. Lennar has bids for the work, but they will have to be re-validated because the approval took so long. Bottom line is we expect the soil remediation work to start in spring or early summer, and when complete, the road is clear for us to start grading and building our foundation for the sail. Finally, a milestone and cause for a celebratory adult beverage!


Mr. Tosso update March 21, 2017......

It has been a few weeks since my last update. I am feeling fine all things considered. Whenever I meet someone who I have not seen in some time they look at me and say you look great! They seem surprised that I do not look like a person who has cancer. The first question asked is almost always: "Are you in any pain?" I respond honestly - that I am not experiencing pain from the cancer. Again they seem surprised that i am not experiencing pain from the cancer. Sometimes I see a confused look on the person's face because they were not expecting my answer. My multiple myeloma seems to be under control, and the cancer has been reduced to low levels in my bone marrow. My blood tests indicate that my condition is very stable and controlled. The past yearof chemo, secondary infections due to immune system compromise, trips back and forth to the hospital , the financial transition that was necessary, and a number of other things has weakened my strength and stamina. However, both my strength and stamina have been improving over the last several weeks. Indeed I have boundaries on my activities, and diet yet within these boundaries I am able to gain strength and stamina. Many of you do not know much about multiple myeloma. It is disease of the bone marrow and blood that produces abnormal - cancerous platelets in the blood, Researchers still do not know the exact cause of the cancer and a genetic link is not yet proven. It is known that people who have been exposed to industrial chemicals (especially benzene) and ionizing radiation from nuclear reactors have a higher risk of developing the cancer. This cancer does not spread to other parts of the body. The blood abnormalities will cause, over time, kidney failure or even liver failure due to the abnormal size of the platelets and other changes in the blood chemistry. Statistical survival rates for this cancer are reported in a number of websites and you can look these up if interested. Famous people who have been diagnosed with MM are Sam Walton (Walmart), Geraldine Ferraro (Former Vice Presidential candidate), and Tom Brokaw. The results of traditional clinical research conducted all over the world are producing amazing results. From my perspective as a Christian, the cancer is 100% curable - either during my life here, or when I step into eternity. Your prayers are being answered in a very big way and I thank each of you for the prayer you have offered on my behalf. Encouragement is important and thank you again for your encouragement through the many cards, letters, emails, social media messages. Thank you for the donations. Seems like a donation is received at the same time a new financial need arises. I thank God for all He has done through each of you. When you pray for healing or any other situation, whether it is for me or anyone else, pray boldly! Expect a miracle! Ask for the whole enchillatta! And always give thanks. God bless you all.

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