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I got an email from Emile Tosso, former Weapons Officer Blue Crew, that he has received some bad news. He has requested I share with the crew...

"For the last four months I had been having gall bladder issues. During the work up for my gall bladder surgery they discovered something very wrong. After the surgery, tests at Mary Bird Perkins in St Tammany Hospital confirmed multiple myeloma; a cancer of the bone marrow and white blood cells. I was referred to the leading myeloma research hospital in the nation. Extensive testing confirmed that my condition was at a critical state and could not delay immediate treatment. I am in the hospital now in Little Rock for intensive chemo therapy and will be here for three weeks then home a week to rest and then back for more treatments. Stem cell harvesting begins Monday. The plan is to kill the cancer cells with massive chemo, chemically cause my body to replace bone destroyed by the myeloma cells then, if and when the cancer cells are dead, do the stem cell replacement to grow good marrow and more bone. It ain’t going to be easy. 40 percent cure rate for this disease. Please pray for me and family. With God all things are possible. Feel free to send to former shipmates, thanks Emile."

Emile (I still call him Mr. Tosso, though he asks me not too) was a fearless leader on our boat. I had the honor and pleasure to serve many topside underways with him as a lookout. He is that “special officer’, the one all shipmates admire and look up to. After his retirement he received a calling from the Higher Power, God himself. He has served tirelessly and without reserve in his ministry to help people around the world. He is need of our love and support now.

Emile knows that we have his back, as he had our’s on the many occasions we needed it. He has given me the order of All Ahead Flank one more time. All Ahead Flank, Aye Sir!! Only this time instead of maneuvering answering the bell, your shipmates fire up full steam. Godspeed Mr. Tosso, Godspeed.


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